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Blood Banks
A noble venture to save the lives of millions...
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Offer Them A Bright Future!
Educational Scholarships
helping poor bright students
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A Helping Hand for
Flood & Famin
Affected People
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Ananda Raju


It was from Ananda Raju's experiences and belief in the need to work hard so as to progress in life, both professionally in business and personally as a man with a growing family, that he developed his principles of Trust, Quality with consistency, Innovation and Consumer satisfaction. These guiding principles are pivotal to how the Group and family conduct themselves in their business and personal lives. Uddaraju Ananda Raju Foundation was established in the year 2003.


Objectives of the Foundation:

The Founder always wanted to serve and service the local community & region he was raised. The foundation believes that for individuals and families to prosper and feel secure they need:

1) Access to a broad range of educational opportunity from infancy to adulthood - Scholarships.

2) Good health and wellness options- Blood Bank & Health Camps.

3) A sustainable environment in which to live – Drinking Water Plants & Elderly Aid.

4) The chance to participate in the many social and cultural institutions that make up the fabric of communities - Cultural & Spiritual Activities .

5) Sponsorship of sports activity and Socio - technical services to farmers.

The Ananda Raju Foundation focuses our funding on projects that address these goals. While many grants are initiated, developed, sponsored and reviewed by family members, the Foundation does accept a limited number of unsolicited proposals for review each year that are directed only to programs serving the city of Bhimavaram and nearby cities.

News & Notifications

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